Preliminary information

Steps to better animal nutrition

  1. Contact me here for a quote and other information
  2. Fill out the form below and provide possible other information via email
  3. You’ll recieve the diet plan and other documents via email
Name of the zoo or other institution.
Email for contact person, this is where the documents will be sent.
Common and scientific name, e.g Forest reindeer, Rangifer tarandus fennicus.
E.g 1 intact male, 2 castrated males, 3 females, 4 juveniles.
Individual weights or group avarage.
Body conditon of individual or avarage body condition of animals. References for scoring at the bottom of this page.
Any individuals with unequal body condition, changes in weight, need for weight gain or loss etc.
State all medical conditions that may relate to diet.
Describe the current diet as detailed as possible. State the amounts as fed per day per individual or group, which ever is more suitable. State also all brands and product names. E.g Carrots 300g, Mazuri Moose pellets 500g, Salvana Pferde Mineral 50g, autumn hay ad libitum (about 1,5kg), willow browse two branches twice a week etc.
Anything specific you hope to accomplish with diet.
Anything else you wish to bring to attention.

References for body condition scoring at NAG online.